Kanji Dictionary

This dictionary is for people who are starting to learn Japanese Kanji and also for those in the intermediate level. There are 1,006 Kanji explained here with examples. These 1,006 Kanji are part of Japanese school grade syllabus.

I have made separate sites for learning Japanese language thru JLPT syllabus and also to learn Kanji. I felt a need for making a separate Kanji dictionary site where each and every Kanji is given focus and explained.

The idea is to give a full fledged browsing experience for Kanji learners make them enjoy learning Kanji.

Kanji is beautiful.
It is good to browse and learn One by One.

Presently this site will showcase for each Kanji, its meaning and the reading of the Kanji (called as OnYomi and KunYomi). In future update, the following will be added: similar Kanji list (Some Kanji always confuse us resembling other Kanji), example words and usage in a sentence.

You can browse Kanji from 1 to 1,006 with the help of previous and next button for each Kanji. Or you can directly jumpt to a Kanji by changing the number in the URL HTML filename.

You can also browse based on the Grades as these Kanji are part of Japanese school grade syllabus.

I hope you enjoy browsing and learning Kanji.

Let us start with Kanji - 1.

Any suggestions / comments / request for making this site better are welcome. 

Contact us: hello@hokuseijapan.com